Food Journal – Tuesday 24th July 2012

Today was a bad day at work – I needed an outlet to cheer me up on the way home – hence the ice-cream. On a positive note, it did help!

Breakfast: Black coffee with coconut oil, hard boiled egg.

Lunch: Salmon fillet. lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, walnut oil.

Snack: Magnum icecream!

Dinner: Roast beef, steamed greens and red cabbage, with butter.


Food Journal – Monday 23rd July 2012

Breakfast: Black coffee with teaspoon of Coconut oil.

Lunch: 3 rashers of bacon, 2 poached eggs, 4 mushrooms cooked in butter, small avocado.

Dinner: 4 chicken legs, spinach, broccoli.

Dessert: Chocolatey pastry-based creamy thing…..yummy but so bad!

I’ve been food shopping today, and have not bought my regular 1 litre tub of greek yoghurt for the week, which normally forms the basis of my breakfast, to be supplemented with fruit and nuts / seeds. For the rest of the week, I’ll be on black coffee and a hard boiled egg to start my days. My packed lunches will consist of salmon, prawns or tuna with salad, and my dinners, meat and green veg.

A Review of Week 3

Week 3 Achievements
Start Weight: 69.3kg – End Weight: 69.2kg
Start Neck: 32cm – End Neck: 32cm
Start Waist: 85cm – End Waist: 83cm
Start Hips: 100cm – End Hips: 100cm
Start Chest: 82cm – End Chest: 82cm
Start Bust: 100cm – End Bust: 100cm
Start Arms: 62cm – End Arms: 60cm

OK, So you may have noticed a bit of slackness with regard to the daily Food Journals this weekend. Lets just say I have fallen off the wagon a bit, for a couple of reasons. To be honest, I seem to have plateaued a bit, given that the above measurements were taken before it all started to go a bit wrong!

My best friend Dom came to stay at the weekend. Despite being very athletic and slim, she has a diet which contradicts mine completely….. she says that carbs bloat her and she avoids them, but when we talked about what she had eaten in the 24 or so hours before she arrived with me, she had to concede to the fact that it was about 75% grain, including her ‘healthy’ snacks of Go Ahead bars and cereals.

So Saturday consisted of a shopping trip to Southampton, and eating in the food court at West Quay. The most primal I could manage without queueing at Nandos was some KFC popcorn chicken. It probably would have been cooked in some hideous vegetable oils, the chicken itself pumped with crap, and the coating is most definitely made with flour, sugar and all sorts of artificial flavourings. Far from ideal really!

We snacked on some pre-packaged mixed nuts in the afternoon, and I drank water, so that wasn’t too bad, and in the evening I cooked us a chicken breast wrapped in bacon stuffed with mushrooms, broccoli and spinach, with a spoonful of greek yoghurt to moisten it all up a bit. It was lovely, but then followed the champagne and orange juice, multiple gin and tonics, and an entire large bag of Cadburys Giant Buttons from the garage on the way home.

Sunday morning saw a trip to the upmarket village cafe for brunch – I had a smoked haddock & salmon fishcake (made with potato), with a poached egg and some hollandaise sauce – bloody lovely! I tried to avoid the hollandaise as much as possible though.

We went for a wander along the beach in the afternoon and obviously had to buy an ice-cream, mine was a New Forest strawberry, some of which was wolfed down by my niece, which helped!

In the evening, despite a very naughty weekend, I chowed down on roast pork with all the usual veg, potatoes, gravy, cheese sauce etc, and then polished off a lovely bowl of fruit brulee….!

Waking up this morning (Monday), I was a rather worrying 70.1kg again, and feeling more than a little bloated. I vowed that this week I am going to be the epitome of primal, with all the slightly naughty bits removed – so no fruit, no dairy, no nuts, and no little snacks to help me pass a craving. This of course will last until Saturday, when I have a wedding of a good friend to attend, and it’ll all go out the window again. Next week, I’ll go back to being 80-90% primal for a few weeks leading up to our holiday.

Food Journal – Friday 20th July 2012

Today I’m going to focus on keeping my portions small but staying primal.

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, flaked almonds, half a banana. Thats less emphasis on 2-3 types of nuts & seeds, but with some fruit still. I’m sat at my desk all morning and eating this at nearly 9am, so should be able to survive without hunger on this.

Lunch: 2 Dinosaur Eggs

Snack: Avocado

Dinner: 2 Dinosaur eggs

Snack: Greek yoghurt and berries.

Food Journal – Thursday 19th July 2012

Breakfast: Nothing, nada, zilch…. except a coffee. After last night I really didn’t feel hungry, was particularly perky this morning and thought I’d see how well I’d cope with skipping breakfast. I did fairly well.

Snack at 11.30: Hard boiled egg

Lunch: Smoked salmon, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow pepper, hardboiled egg.

Snack at 6.00: Avocado

Exercise(!): 4 mile brisk walk = 1 hour

Dinner: Chicken, mushrooms, green pepper, courgette, tomatoes, greek yoghurt, cooked in coconut oil.

Food Journal – Wednesday 18th July 2012

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, flaked almonds, half a banana, pumpkin seeds
Snack: Half a banana
Lunch: Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs cooked in coconut oil, avocado

Dinner (We went to a seafood and steak restaurant for my brother-in-laws birthday. A bit naughty but I managed to eat fairly primally)
Starter: Fishcake, rocket, poached egg, hollandaise sauce (as little as possible)
Main: Ribeye steak, green beans, mushrooms, rocket, about 3 chips!
Drinks: Kopparberg cider, Sparking water

Food Journal – Tuesday 17th July 2012

Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, ground almonds

Lunch: Bacon, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes

Dinner: Dinosaur eggs, avocado, yellow peppers, tomatoes, spinach, walnut oil.